Vakmansschap sinds 1920

Currently, Henk van der Wilk is the third generation that continues the company. In 1920 the grandfather of Henk van der Wilk opened a glazier company specialised in glazing lean-to and grape greenhouses.

From their early childhood the six sons quickly started working along in the company. Of those children, in the end three continued the company, including Henk van der Wilk’s father. In 1983 Henk van der Wilk joined his uncles and father in the company, in order to learn the profession from them; he has collaborated with them until 1992 and then continued independently.

From the beginning, he has been progressive and modern; he was for instance one of the first to have a glazing platform. Currently there are seven glazing platforms with properly trained crews, and Henk van der Wilk still takes the lead when it comes to the development of techniques and materials.

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